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Wrkshop VN | Co-Working + Event Space

Hannah and Joost are residents in Voorburg North- a nice 2 minute commute to work. After a background of a combined 30 years in the corporate world, paired with the world spinning on it's head the last 2 years they wanted to bring to life a space that would inspire their work and bring them a sense of community and belonging in the neighbourhood.

It began with a crazy vision about taking over what was once a 400 sq mtr Fish shop + turn it into a wildly creative space inspired by their travels and life experiences. In just 12 weeks together with their wonderful crew of creatives they transformed the tired space into a wondrous adventure.

Wrkshop VN is a place to call home. A place to connect with the community, bring your team together. To unlock a new way of working, to feel inspired by your surroundings and the people you come into contact with. It's a place that puts a smile on your face, and is a constant discovery. It supports you to focus on what you want to get achieved.

The world of work has changed. And even though the world begins to open up again we know it will never be the same again. Finding balance and connection in your day today, as well as bringing your teams and company together on a regular basis has never been more important.

We have always know work is about the people. If you put your attention there then the rest flows.

Welcome to a New type of community space that is here to support the locals of Voorburg VN/The Hague and beyond.

Aside from work Hannah and Joost are passionate travellers and all round adventurers. If we are ever not in the space to greet you we can be found on a road trip most likely in the mountains come sun or snow. 

Joost is a sneaker obsessive, and continues to supports brands to find their voice and marketplace distribution in the most influential stores + locations around the globe.

Hannah is a wellbeing obsessive, believing that personal healing is the unlock to not only our personal dreams in business + life but it will also solve all our worldly challenges. Her other project New Way of Work supports companies to implement wellbeing + healing at the heart of what they do + from there thrive. She has gone from burnout corporate to chilled and happy leader of many projects and brands and loves to share the ways in which she has found balance + purpose.  

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